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Places Insight Project

Places Insight Project

The Places insight project is the first step towards assessing the aim to help localities across the UK build on their strengths to become more prosperous. It will review the evidence on the extent and causes of spatial disparities in UK productivity, and the implications for the measurement of success of policies aimed at promoting local growth.

The first research paper was published in February 2020 - UK Regional Productivity Differences: An Evidence Review 

The second phase of the project aims to provide a rich understanding of the process behind the development of Local Industrial Strategies and engage with policy-makers in the devolved administrations to better understand local growth policies.

The second research paper was published in July 2020 - Understanding the policy-making processes behind local growth strategies in England

The third research paper focuses on international examples of places that have successfully levelled up. It identifies six foundations for levelling up and examines challenges faced by those. The report was published in January 2021 - What does it take to "level-up"? Evidence from international experience.

The forth and final research paper focuses on devolution and governance structures in the UK and draws on a range of evidence to identify lessons for future devolution policy in the UK. The report was published in May 2021 - Devolution and Governance Structures in the UK: Lessons from Evidence.

The project steering group comprises Kate Barker, Emma Bridgewater, Rotha Johnston and Christine Gaskell.

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