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The People metrics will track investment in human capital, improving education and skills.

The UK has one of the most successful labour markets in the world, with high employment and underpinned by a world-class higher education system.

The Industrial Strategy aims to ensure that everyone can improve their skills throughout their lives, increasing their earning power and opportunities for better jobs – from strong foundations in schools to career-long learning in the workplace.

The Industrial Strategy aims to equip citizens for jobs shaped by next generation technology, and as the economy adapts, everyone should have access and enjoy good work.

Data gaps

Skills metrics with empirical importance for productivity

Management practices


Vocational skills

Progression in work 

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Grand Challenges

Indicators of progress in the context of the Industrial Strategy’s Grand Challenges of Artificial Intelligence and Data, Ageing Society, Clean Growth and Future of Mobility

Sector Deals

Key macroeconomic indicators at a sectoral level

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