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6.3 Data Openness


Canada and the UK have the highest score, although the evolution of each government looks quite different. While the UK was an early leader in the open data space, it is one of only two governments — along with the USA — to see its score decline over the course of five Barometer editions (down 4 points).

Indicator 6.3.1 – Prevalence of open data

A global measure of how governments are publishing and using open data for accountability, innovation and social impact. The chart shows the 2017 scores for each of the G7 countries in the overall index and 3 main categories.

The readiness score shows the readiness of states, citizens and entrepreneurs to secure the benefits of open data. The implementation score shows the extent to which accessible, timely, and open data is published by each country government on a selection of 15 key fields. The emerging impact score shows the extent to which there is any evidence that open data release by the country government has had positive impacts in a variety of different domains in the country.

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